Goldenloch’s Runnin’ Crockett MH OS

I co-own “Crockett” with Marlene Walden.  He already had his MH and we are now competing in field trials.  Crockett is enthusiastic and loves to work.  He’s a joy to be around.  In early field trialing he has placed in the quals.  Now QAA!  Crockett won at North Texas!!  Next Crockett went back to qualify for a Master national and became a FINALIST!   He is now retired from competition and enjoying retirement with Marlene.   See what his offspring…Travis and Torch are up to!

Due to his kids’ accomplishments he is now an Outstanding Sire.

  • GR 85994G24M-PI  Hips good
  • GR EL11167M24-PI  Elbows normal
  • GR-29040  Cerf
  • GR-CA 8810/21m/C-PI  Cardiac
  • GR TI+645/21m-PI  Thyroidcrocket-pedigree