Flinn 2Watermark’s Cherokee Gold Rush MH WCX

Flinn was out of the special breeding of our MH Torch and FC AFC Bart breeding. She was scheduled to go to her new home in Australia, but a change of plans made it possible for us to keep her here in the states. That was very fortunate for Peggy Walkingstick and Watermark Retrievers.

After being raised for 10 months for Australia Flinn continued her training here and won a Derby. Peggy handled her to JH, WC, WCX and SH title. After she derbied out at 2 years she went to Stellar Retrievers where Jack Morris prepared her for the Masters. Flinn finished with 5 passes in a row to title and qualify for the Master National. Wow!

Peggy and Flinn are now focused on training together. We just bred her to Roger Fullers young male Marty…pups due around April 10 , 2021.

  • GR-TH 2733/15F-VPI
  • GR-CA 27533/15F/C-VPI-ECHO
  • GR-EYE 7079/15F-VPI
  • GR-114759E24F-VPI
  • GR-EL4818F24-VPI

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