Well, I was thinking this would be a good time to let you know that I have a new Project in the works.

Spider Dutch Malinois

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to get to know several Belgian Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd. (Belgian Malinois’ and Dutch Shepherds are basically the same except for color). And as I got to know them, I began to be aware of what a fabulous breed it was (for now I will just call them Dutch Shepherds).

The best way I can describe this breed is that they are big, strong, athletic and are on par with a Border Collie when it comes to being intelligent and maybe beyond. They are very active and are great family dogs, plus they are loyal and steadfast without equal.

I have a new friend, who you can see in the picture with me, Her name is Spyder. Spyder is 2 years old and has been my constant companion since she arrived at Watermark several months ago. My intention is to add the Dutch Shepherds as a breed that I am focusing on, along with the Retrievers.

When I say focusing I mean breeding with the best knowledge, information and research that I can to produce wonderful temperaments, superior intellect and performance that is unmatched.

So please keep an eye on my website as I progress with the Dutch Shepherd project. I am really excited about this.

Spider Dutch Malinois