puppy on discIt was just about one year ago that I had two chocolate puppies. One, little John Adams, is in training to be a star in field trials. And, his brother Nick Adams has become the movie star in an important new DVD called “The Art & Science of Raising a Puppy,” which is packed with information about how to end up with the dog of your dreams.

As a veterinarian, each day I deal with countless issues associated with behavioral problems, poor housebreaking, bad manners etc. – most of which could have been prevented with proper upbringing right from the start.  That’s all covered in this new production.

But most of all, this video shows us how to build trust and create a bond.Every breeder wants their puppies to be successful and we areall excited that this new production has finally arrived.


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Visit:  www.hawkeyemedia.net

PS: I have a really nice Golden litter coming and super Black (and chocolate!) pups coming…call me !